Riverside Counselling Alternative Approach

I also offer an alternative approach for those who would like to work in a spiritual way. I have studied a Shamanic pathway to well-being, so you can choose this approach to counselling. What this means is that we work with your inner self.

riverside counselling alternative approach

Looking to find where your spirit was last whole and to help you feel this time and allow your soul to heal and to be as one again.This is not for everyone but I feel it is valuable for those who are wishing to follow this pathway.

This is experienced as a journey which can be helpful if you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads in your life. Using predominantly a drum and other instruments you experience a ‘sound bath’ where you relax while bathed in rhythm and vibration from sound

For this session you could be lying down or sat in a comfy chair. Alongside you I journey on your behalf to find an aspect of your lost self or soul. When the time is right, I guide you to receive this aspect of your missing self, which is then placed into the relevant chakras and into your energy fields.

This type of healing can be a very powerful  process to aid you on your path well being.

  • The Rock Speaks – Use of  a technique where a stone answers your question by using a stone that has some significance to you.
  • Soul rejoining – Alongside you we seek your spirit guides to help you to become one again, bring together all the parts of a fragmented soul

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