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Sharing how to get back to being yourself

Helping you to feel at ease with who you are

Finding a way for you to feel confident and safe in all situations

Some reasons why you may be looking for a counsellor

I'm here to help

Are you at a stage in your life where you feel desperate? Finding things in your life are becoming overwhelming and you want to be able to manage what is happening to you.

Have you lost someone you were close to, and you want to find ways to come to terms with this.

Do you have a difficult choice to make, are you trying to find a way to say what it is you really want?

Are you finding it difficult to be true to yourself.

Are some things difficult to deal with, being able to share who you are and who you want to be.

Do things from your past still affect you in the present? Are you trying to understand how you might change this and maybe come to accept the past or parts of it.

Do you feel spiritually disconnected within yourself or from others. Your connection with the spiritual world has been broken or mislaid.


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About Me

Martin Seidel

My background is varied. My first training was in the engineering industry after this I retrained to work in the construction industry. After a number of years I joined the education system. I became a school teacher and then moved on to becoming a university lecturer.
My Masters in Integrative Relational Psychotherapy and Counselling has developed my skills to help people towards psychological health and wellbeing.
Integrative working means that there is no single way of working with you the client, the approaches I have experience with are Person Centred, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural.
By integrating all or some of these we work with what suits you. I am also able to offer a spiritual way of working using a Shamanic style approach to well-being of the spirit and soul.

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