Helping you towards being happy

Sharing how to get back to being yourself

Helping you to feel at ease with who you are

Finding a way for you to feel confident and safe in all situations

Some reasons why you may be looking for a counsellor

I'm here to help

Are you at a stage in your life where you feel desperate? Finding things in your life are becoming overwhelming and you want to be able to manage what is happening to you.

Have you lost someone you were close to, and you want to find ways to come to terms with this.

Do you have a difficult choice to make, are you trying to find a way to say what it is you really want?

Are you finding it difficult to be true to yourself.

Are some things difficult to deal with, being able to share who you are and who you want to be.

Do things from your past still affect you in the present? Are you trying to understand how you might change this and maybe come to accept the past or parts of it.

Do you feel spiritually disconnected within yourself or from others. Your connection with the spiritual world has been broken or mislaid.


Let's work it out together

I work from home which sits on the banks of the river Thames. You choose where you feel most comfortable to talk.
There is a small garden room looking over the river where we can meet and talk in complete confidence.
We can sit on the jetty over the water as we talk.
There is also a small narrow boat moored so we can talk in complete privacy.


Times that we can meet are:
Tuesday to Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:00pm to 9:00pm

how it works

You have looked at a number of counsellors’ profiles. You contact those that you feel you can work with. You call, text to my phone or email me and I call you for a chat about what you expect from counselling.
We agree a time to meet which usually lasts for an hour. If we decide we can work together then it is for us to see how many sessions you might want.
There is no limit to the numbers of times we meet .


Charges are on a sliding scale that relate to your income. My wish is to offer counselling to all those that need it, regardless of income.
This works well in that those who are able to contribute more through their income are supporting those who are not able to contribute as much. The average contribution that you will make for a single session is £45.
This can also change depending where you choose to have the meeting and how long you wish it to last. Charges are adjusted for couples and family or group work.

ways of working

You can choose how you want to work, maybe as an individual or as a couple or maybe even as a family.
Please note: couples and family work has to commence from the outset and cannot be started after any individual work.
Group work it is also offered to anyone once they have started their own personal journey. It can sometimes help to face your own individual challenges in a safe and controlled environment alongside others.
Supervision is also offered for those involved in psychologically demanding professions. You may be a social worker, a soul midwife or a hospice worker. Some of these professionals need a space to let go of the traumas they have shared.


I have worked in a number of different settings.
I previously worked for the NHS in a doctors surgery covered by the Maudsley Hospital.
I have also worked for a voluntary service in Horsham in Sussex which was overseen by the YMCA.
I currently volunteer for another service in Littlehampton offering counselling to those on a low income. This service is available to those that require it for up to two years.
What I have found most important to all my clients is that there is enough time, they are in control of how long they wish to come.

About Me

Martin Seidel

My background is varied. My first training was in the engineering industry I then retrained to work in the construction industry. After this I studied further to enter the education system, I worked with children and adults first as a school teacher and then as a university lecturer.
My Masters in Integrative Relational Psychotherapy and Counselling has developed my skills to help people towards psychological health and wellbeing.
Integrative working means that there is no single way of working with you the client, the approaches I have experience with are Human Centred, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural.
By integrating all or some of these we work with what suits you. I am also able to offer a spiritual way of working using a Shamanic style approach to healing of the spirit and soul.

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